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Be a part of something exciting while making a difference.  

Imagine working for an exciting, fast paced, highly technical  company where employees are committed to meeting big challenges every day while making a real difference in our company’s technology roadmap. That's the Dimation Culture.  Whatever your position is here at Dimation, you will be part of a highly influential team of specialized individuals  who redefine the true meaning of Teamwork.  

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Every detail makes a difference

Every phone call, every e-mail, every job big or small.  Everything!  It’s not important just some of the time, It’s important all of the time.   That's our mindset at Dimation. The result is  some  of the best technology being made available in Customer’s Products all over the world.

Nothing is ever Easy

Ask anyone here. It’s hard work. It means always asking, “How fast do you want it?” and “How can we make it better?” It means re-thinking every customer experience — until all that remains is we did it right, we did it fast and we  exceeded expectation. Realizing what we accomplished may be contributing to a new innovative product or technology that sets the bar for a higher standard.   It might be a customer support call or even a  referral that is looking for a new partner to assist in their product or technology.

There's No “I” in TEAM

Every member of our team is an important piece of the Dimation Puzzle.  We equally contribute and pull together to make a difference in everything we do.  We huddle together, and we do our part  to make it happen.

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