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ITAR Registered.  


At Dimation,we provide Quik-Turn™ Prototype assembly services and short run automated assembly support as Quik™ as 1 Day for Kitted / Consigned assemblies.  We believe that Time to process is key and with our highest level of exceptional Quality we can focus on our mission by providing on-time delivery every time!  When you require a custom solution integrated to your requirements, we are here to serve you when you need us.

Dimation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel orders or portions of an order, at any time and without notice, in order to comply with valid legal process or governmental request (such as a subpoena, statute, or court order).    


Turn-Key Proto  Service


Turn Times  

1 Day, 2-3 Day, 5-7 Days (ARM)


1- 250

Consigned Proto Service


Turn Times  

1 Day, 2-3 Day, 5-7 Days (ARM)


1- 250

Short Run Assembly

We March to YOUR DRUM!

Turn Times

2-3 Weeks (ARM)


Customer Specified

Placing an order for Quik-Turn™ individualized specialized service

is very simple and easy to do.  After you have received your Quote and want to schedule the job, just  place your PO with Orders@dimation.com, verify confirmation and we will do all the rest.  Its that easy and depending upon how fast you wanted us to quote it, it should be there right on time.   That's our Guarantee!

Request your Quote  Provide us with your BOM, Assembly Drawing, Gerber’s and CAD file.  Let us know if you require Leaded or Lead Free solder.  Consigned or Turn Key, level of IPC-A-610  assembly (Class 1, II or III) you like us to build to.  If not Prototype and AS9100 FAIR is required, we will quote with  Lot and Date Code Tractability and Distributor CofC’s,. Most important we need to know how FAST you like us to build your assembly.  Pleas pick from the following options.   1 Day, 2-3 Day, 3-5 Day 5-7 Day and up.  Last but not least we need to know if your assembly is ITAR.  

Confirm and Place your Order  Provide us with any updated files, BOM and any Special Instructions you may have regarding the assembly build.   If a new Customer, please fill out our Customer Information form and provide us with your Bank and Trade Information.  We will also require references at that time as well.  We will build to the Quote  options you choose.  Please Provide us with Payment info.  We also provide Visa, Master Charge and AmEx for your convenience.

Component Sourcing  Please provide us with your KIT  at yore earliest convenience.  If you are ordering the FAB’s your self, please  have the KIT to us before the boards arrive so we can start building the same day the raw boards arrive. If  we are purchasing the components we will Prep the KIT as soon a the Parts arrive and we will start building shortly after we receive them.  

Express Delivery We will  provide either Over Night Shipment of your finished assemblies if out of State, courier or personally deliver if local.   We also provide walk-in while you wait service for those who require special modifications to the finished assemblies after debug and test.  We know how important your assemblies are and for those who require special tweaks to the design, we are here to make that happen as fast as our Walk-in Service will provide.  

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Capabilities (PCBA)

PCB Assembly


We provide manual, auto assisted and  full auto assembly using state of the art assembly equipment


We offer value added assembly services,  were like the Jimmie Johns of the Electronic Assembly world,  “ So fast WEFLP4U!”


Assembly Rework including BGA rework and modifications


ROHS Compliance Services

  Turnkey Assembly and Consigned Assembly (both available)


Testing Services


Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback


If you are interested in a Quote, please refer to our Quote Request page or send email to


or call

(952) 746-3030

Kitting Guidelines for Components

If you will be providing the components (consigned assembly kit) per the quote you have requested, at the time of placing the order please send us the components for assembly.

Please refer to our requirements for kitting of the components.

1) We require extra components for assembly attrition as follows:

Discrete SMT passives:

Active Devices:

Thru-Hole devices:

Hardware items (screws, nuts, washers, etc):

2) Insufficient attrition will be construed as parts shortages and my impact delivery.

3) SMT components shall be in reels / continuous tapes (minimum 6” long) / tubes / or trays.

4) Through-hole (DIP) ICs shall be supplied in trays or tubes or tapes.

5) All consigned parts must be shipped to us in a properly kitted form (each line item of BOM in a separate bag, properly marked for identifying the component unambiguously).

6) Kits for multiple jobs must be in SEPARATE BAGs identified by appropriate assembly order number.


Kitting Requirements

Name of Company

Company Contact

# we can reach you at?

E-mail Address


Assembly Description

Assembly Part #

Revision #

Type of  Service Requested

How Fast of Service?

Type of Solder ?

How did you hear about us?

ITAR Requirements?


Date /Lot Code Required?



X-Ray Required



# of Assemblies?

# of Line Items in BOM?

# of Fine Pitch Parts?

# of Leadless Parts?

# of  Thru Hole?

# of  SMD Parts?

Quik-Turn Proto


Need your board assembled?   

Same Day

2-3 Days

5-7 Days


24 Hours

3-5 Days

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