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Check out our PCB Layout Support Services we offer.  

Board Layout

Dimation offers cutting edge PCB solutions to the global electronics companies. We Specialize in RF PCB Layout Services with high-speed, multi-layer, mixed signals along with combined fabrication and assembly giving you an added value to the customers looking for one stop solutions for their PCB requirements. In addition to fab and assembly services, our specialized skill in RF and mixed signals board engineering services combined with Signal Integrity and thermal analysis adds values to customers looking for one stop solutions for their PCB requirements. We take the total accountability for the complete board development cycle from schematic development to delivering the tested assembled boards with the required approvals and certifications.

We understand how to layout high-density, high-speed PCBs that are manufactureable and testable, meeting time-to-market and unit cost requirements. We offer a choice of PCB development software packages, enabling us to offer our customer maximum flexibility. We have extensive knowledge in PCB layout listed below are the areas of PCB design we have extensive knowledge in.

Our offerings in PCB Layout Services:


Our CAD Platforms Include:

PCB layouts grow increasingly complex and challenging with each technological advance. Add globally dispersed design and manufacturing teams to the mix, and the collaboration hurdles make projects difficult at best.  We are offering PCB Layout services  and verification using the latest tools available in the market as per customer requirements.

       PCAD ~ Mentor PADS PCB  ~ ORCAD ~ Cadence ALLEGRO ~ Altium

Component Library Services:

Library work is the most critical and time consuming task in the layout chain. We offer a full library creation and maintenance meeting for client specific library standards or IPC Standards.  We perform a PCB Footprint review to ensure zero defect footprints. We have experience in executing library services for some of the top EMS companies all over the continent. Our Engineering team will quickly turnaround your new symbol requests per your request

Libraries are developed in strict adherence to IPC 7351 standards. All the naming conventions, component orientations are as per this standard. Padstack naming's are used in combination with the land pattern conventions according to the rules established in the IPC-2220 design standards. Padstack, FHS relative to lead size, antipad sizes, solder mask, assembly and annular requirements adhere to the recommendations made in IPC-2221 and IPC-2222. At ELDAAS we have a huge collection of centralized library in all the industry leading EDA tools. Also we are offering library creation as per different company standards.

Component Library Highlights

Schematic Capture

We pride ourselves on the quality of our schematic entry. We are fully versed in flat level or hierarchical schematic entry. We believe that well laid-out and documented schematics will save time and reduce possible problems.

Board Design Skills

Highly qualified IPC certified core PCB Engineering team

High Density SMT Layout configurations

Production yield optimization in HDI Support builds

High Speed Analog and Digital Support

Single layer , Double Sided and  Multilayer (Unlimited Layers) PCBs

HDI Support with micro vias and advanced materials

– Via-in-Pad, laser micro vias, ALIVH (Any-Layer Inner Via Hole) technology

High speed, multi-layer digital PCB layouts – Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths.

PCB Designs for space, military, medical and commercial applications

Extensive RF and Analog Support experience (printed antennas, guard rings, RF shields)

Signal integrity issues to meet your digital engineering needs (tuned traces, diff pairs)

PCB Layer management for signal integrity and impedance control

DDR, DDR2, DDR3, SAS and differential pair routing expertise

Rigid Flex and Flex support

Blind/Buried Vias/ Micro Via designs

High Speed Backplanes, Mother Boards

Low level analog PCB

Power Supplies

RF/Microwave Support Services

Constraints Rule Driven

Controlled Impedance, Differential Pairs

Matched Length

Engineering Support for MFG/Test/Assembly (DFM, DFA)

Innovative Layout support methods in Fine Pitch Micro BGA’s

Engineering Support for analysis and implementation of timing critical designs

Signal topology analysis for optimal signal propagation

Multi-board SI analysis

Fine line technologies – 3mil/3mil

Technologies with stacked µ via design and >40 layers

Material Used

FR4, Polyimide, Rogers, Arlon, Isola, Nelco, Getek

  Technologies Exposed

PCI, PCI – Express


High speed USB



Serial ATA

Rapid IO

High speed SERDES


CAD Outputs

Depending on the service you have requested, we will create a complete

CAD output package that will include all or some of the following, as


Schematic files

PCB design files

CAD libraries


Gerber files

Drill Files

Assembly Drawing

Fabrication Drawing

EMN, EMP and DXF files

Pick and place files

STEP files


Reverse Engineering

We can take in Gerber files or a bare/populated board and create a fully functioning PCB layout. They then can be modified to eliminate EMC problems, component obsolescence or add new features to your design.

Service Benefits

Shortened product design life cycle with highest quality

Reduce your investment on manpower and design infrastructure

Reduced product development cost

Support of experienced professional for high speed and RF designs

Fab and Assembly coordination

Business Model

Cost per Resource

On site /Off site development

Cost per hour

Cost per project

Cost per resource

Service Industries

Consumer Electronics






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