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We really appreciate your responsiveness to getting the product assembled. They were shipped to our injection molder yesterday so they can deliver completed  units to us before the end of January. The quality of the product looks excellent!  Hope you all have a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year!



- Satisfied Customer

All 100 parts  completed ( we built a few extra, just in case and will ship them to you as well).  Bin 1 parts are being cured in oven, then I will get them packed up.  

Omg. You guys are fast!! Thank you. You are the best!!!



 - Satisfied DLS Customer

You just gave me some great news that parts for this is headed to our company.

Thank you and the Dimation team VERY MUCH for the super fast turn-around!!

Truly appreciate it!



 - Satisfied DLS  Customer

Thank you for the prompt and professional attention you gave to the Active pre-production run of our boards  The assembly quality was outstanding, all of the boards came up and ran without any issues.  It was a pleasure working with you and your team at Dimation.





- Satisfied Pre-Production  Customer

Just wanted to say thank you for a great end to 2019. When I first started here 3 months ago this job had a very high learning curve, and I appreciate the respect and patience Dimation has shown me during that time. I also appreciate the work put into moving parts along efficiently, because it really helps the bottom line that I am responsible for.  With that being said, I wanted to wish you and the rest of your team a Merry Christmas on my behalf, and a happy New Year as well. I look forward to working together in in the new year!   

- Satisfied Customer

We know our problems building our IRIS boards have been trying.  It is certainly unfortunate that PCB Supplier lost the recipe for success and backed us into a corner.  We really appreciate how hard you and your team have worked to help us make year-end deliveries.  Thank you to you and everyone that has put in the extra effort.  We recognize and appreciate what you have done for us.

- Satisfied Pre-Production  Customer